When working in the tough elements of the marine industry, you need reliable, durable, and trustworthy equipment. That’s why many seamen turn to marine heat shrink tubing for all of their wiring and boating equipment needs. Specialty marine heat shrink tubing is waterproof and can be applied quickly and easily using a simple heat shrink gun.

It is useful in applications such as insulation, wire bundling, wire identification, and mechanical protection. Heat shrink is flexible and offers high tensile strength. This making it the ideal choice for use in marine environments.

Heat shrink tubing can be lined with adhesive, giving it thousands of uses. A special version of this has a gooey adhesive that melts and expands at the same temperature that the heat shrink shrinks. This ultra-adhesive locks itself down onto whatever it touches and shifts some of the load for keeping the stuff inside onto the heat shrink itself. It also doubles as a waterproof barrier, and as such, this tubing is usually referred to as marine heat shrink.

Marine heat shrink tubing is adhesive lined, meaning it creates a reliable waterproof seal.
• Apply marine heat shrink tubing using a heat shrink gun for fast and accurate applications.
• Waterproof heat shrinkable tubing creates an air-tight and weather-tight seal, ensuring that your wiring protection lasts for years to come.
• Durable polyolefin heat shrink tubing provides a waterproof seal against common marine elements such as water, oil, acids, salt, and sunlight.
Marine heat shrink tubing comes in a variety of bulk and custom orders, meaning you get exactly the equipment you need and nothing you don’t.

As we said before, there are thousands of uses for heat shrink tubing, from its intended purpose of protecting wires to being manipulated to be an end cap for a bolt or a sleeve for abrasion. Confused? Nu-Tech is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll get your marine heat shrink projects sorted out in no time.

Benefits of Marine Heat Shrink