With proper installation and maintenance, a small wind electric system should last up to 20 years or longer. Annual maintenance can include:
• Checking and tightening bolts and electrical connections as necessary
• Checking machines for corrosion
• Checking for and replacing any worn leading edge tape on the turbine blades
• Replacing components such as turbine blades and/or bearings as needed

Heat Shrink Layers
However, one of the most important steps to your windfarm’s success is ensuring you use heat shrink on your wiring systems. Heat shrink tubing is a thermoplastic tube that shrinks when exposed to heat. When placed around wire arrays and electrical components, heat shrink tubing collapses radially to fit the equipment’s contours, creating a protective layer.

Corrosion and Moisture Protection
Where temperature fluctuations and humidity put a strain on materials, Nu-Tech is on hand to safeguard your cable systems with innovative countermeasures. You can use heat-shrinkable tubing that has a special thermoplastic adhesive liner with a high melting point. As a result, this not only offers corrosion protection but also snuggles around your cables to provide a stable and watertight sheath. The result is exceptional moisture protection.

Heat-shrinkable tubing offers such excellent corrosion protection that it even meets the exacting demands of the automotive industry – another good reason to incorporate them into your wind turbine. This expanded thermoplastic tube is then placed around the wires or other desired components and heated to a specific temperature. The heat causes the tube to soften and shrink back to its original extruded size, effectively enclosing the wires or other components within a tight layer of protective plastic.

Benefits of Heat Shrink
Versatile and easy to use, heat shrink tubing offers many unique benefits, including:
• Protection against abrasion, low impacts, and sharp cutting edges
• Defense against water, chemicals, dust, and other intrusive contaminants
• Organization of wires and cables into easy-to-handle bundles
• A smoother texture and finished appearance
• Electrical and thermal insulation

Wind Turbine Heat Shrink