A Look into the Injection Molding Process:

Nu-Tech’s manufacturing plant is well-equipped to handle custom molding projects with ease. The particular process shown in this video takes around 35 seconds for each batch of parts. The material makes its way into the hot barrel, and the material transforms into a hot liquid. This liquid is then shot into the mold. The particular […]

Benefits of High Ratio Heat Shrink

Heat shrink tubing is classified by the material it is made from the inside diameter of the un-shrunk tube and the shrink ratio. The shrink ratio is the size of the original tubing in relation to its shrunken final form. The more popular ratios are: 2:1 – The tube will become half of its original […]

How Heat Shrink Helps Your Solar Panels

There’s no doubt that solar panels are the key to generating clean, renewable energy. There are zero emissions from the process of creating power with solar panel systems. However, like all-electric systems, solar panels will need wiring to make them work. Exposed to the harsh conditions of the outside world, you’ll need to protect your […]

How Heat Shrink Benefits the Aerospace Industry

If you work as an electrician, engineer, or other fields of science, it’s likely that you’ve either heard of or come into contact with heat shrink tubing. Primarily utilized to protect electrical wires, heat shrink tubing can help prevent fires, reduce loss of energy, and provide an affordable solution to your wiring needs. If you’re […]

Custom Heat Shrink Services and Capabilities

Nu-Tech is happy to make this unique service available to our customers. Our heat shrink printing process allows our customers to select from our available selection of heat shrink products and design their own customized heat shrink tubing. Why is Heat Shrink Important? Heat Shrink tubing is frequently used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance […]

Benefits of Medical Heat Shrink

The Medical Industry Medical technologies have revolutionized the healthcare system – there are new systems, new treatments, new tools, and new devices that come to market that change the way we receive treatment. One tool, however, is a vital accessory that has stood the test of time – medical-grade heat shrink tubing. Medical-grade heat shrink […]

Automotive Heat Shrink

Designed for demanding environments. Automotive heat shrink tubing provides long-term protection against moisture ingress, corrosion, mechanical damage, and extreme temperature. Automotive Work Heat shrink tubing is one of the most effective and user-friendly tools for automotive work. Also, we have to trust that these projects will keep us safe behind the wheel. Every application has […]

Wind Turbine Heat Shrink

With proper installation and maintenance, a small wind electric system should last up to 20 years or longer. Annual maintenance can include: • Checking and tightening bolts and electrical connections as necessary • Checking machines for corrosion • Checking for and replacing any worn leading edge tape on the turbine blades • Replacing components such […]

Understanding Heat Shrink Ratios

Heat shrink tubing is used everywhere you use wire and cable to provide protection, identification, sealing, and strain relief, as an alternative to taping, molding, or potting. When heat shrink is heated, it will conform to the shape and size of the object that it has been shrunk over, making installation quick and easy. Learning […]

Benefits of Marine Heat Shrink

When working in the tough elements of the marine industry, you need reliable, durable, and trustworthy equipment. That’s why many seamen turn to marine heat shrink tubing for all of their wiring and boating equipment needs. Specialty marine heat shrink tubing is waterproof and can be applied quickly and easily using a simple heat shrink […]