Benefits of Marine Heat Shrink

When working in the tough elements of the marine industry, you need reliable, durable, and trustworthy equipment. That’s why many seamen turn to marine heat shrink tubing for all of their wiring and boating equipment needs. Specialty marine heat shrink tubing is waterproof and can be applied quickly and easily using a simple heat shrink […]

Wire Insulation

Heat shrink protection is an excellent technique for protecting crucial electrical connections and keeping wires secure and insulated. However, some confusion lingers over the procedure and how it’s used. Keep Wires Insulated At its most basic, heat shrink protection, also called heat shrink tubing or heat shrink, is a wire insulation technique. Before an automotive […]

Cable Entry Seals: Efficient Cable Management Solutions

Cable entry seals are efficient at maximizing the protective properties of heat shrink for a specific application. Today, we are going to talk about a brief history of the introduction of cable entry seals. Next, we’ll cover an overview of the different types of cable entry seals. Finally, we’ll feature why choosing a flanged cable […]

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Shrink

Heat shrink is an optimal go-to for cable management. Here are six questions that we are commonly asked that will hopefully help you tackle your next project with ease! 1. Why should I use heat shrink? Heat shrink is designed to provide beneficial cable management, such as repairing, relieving strain, bundling/organizing, sealing, and protecting. The […]

Three Ways to Keep Your Boat in Peak Condition

According to a fire report conducted by Boat US, fire is one of the leading causes of boat damage/loss in the United States. Outdated wire harnessing and wire complications (such as exposed wire) top the list of sources of these fires. The wiring structure is the powerhouse of your boat, which explains the importance of […]

Four Top Reasons to Use Heat Shrink

The global market for heat shrink tubing and materials is at approximately $1.8 billion. By 2027, this number is projected to reach $2.6 billion. However, we know that ultimately the value of heat shrink boils down to how it benefits and makes your life easier. This article will cover the basics of heat shrink followed […]