Nu-Tech’s heat shrink product material is unlike any other company’s material formulation process.
The process you see demonstrated in the video:
Step One – Material Prep: Position the rubber properly on the high-ratio fitting.
Step Two – Turn up the Heat: Put the heat shrink tubing in the glycerin tank and wait for a few minutes for the rubber material to get soft and expanded. (Can expand it in several ways whether by machine or hand).
Step Three – Cool Off: Submerge the high-ratio tubing into cold water to mold the tubing at that exact size. (The amount of time for this part of the process varies depending on the exact part being molded. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes).
Step Four-The Molding Process Is Completed: Now the part moves on to another part of the manufacturing process to be washed, glued, and company logo(s) printed on it.
Please visit…/heat…/high-ratio-shrink-tubing/ for the current heat shrink tubing options we offer. We can also custom make a high-ratio tubing to meet your specific requirements.