Designed for demanding environments. Automotive heat shrink tubing provides long-term protection against moisture ingress, corrosion, mechanical damage, and extreme temperature.

Automotive Work
Heat shrink tubing is one of the most effective and user-friendly tools for automotive work. Also, we have to trust that these projects will keep us safe behind the wheel. Every application has to ensure our systems are protected. They have to safeguard against internal risks like overheated components, hot spills, chemical exposure, or plain old H2O. We need them to be steady – wires can’t come loose when a vehicle is jarred hitting a bump, pothole, or worse.

Conditions and Elements
When using heat shrink tubing, make sure you purchase a product that can manage the conditions. Besides its standard features, vehicle-specific tubing will be heat, smoke, chemical, and flame resistant. A good option here is polyolefin heat shrink tubing designed for long-term durability against all types of elements. Mechanics confidently apply these solutions to make sure connectors and wires are harnessed properly.

These devices are the go-to for quick automotive repairs when electrical systems are short because a pair of wires came unattached. The smart tech uses them for work inside body panels where wires can dislocate and rub against sheet metal. Heat shrink tubing is utilized to rewire sound systems, as well as for fast under-the-dash repairs.

1. Protect wires and cables – The key benefit of heat shrinking is the protection it offers to cables and wires. The tubing protects the cables from abrasion in moving parts and areas that see a lot of use.
2. Relieves strain on wires and cables – Cables and wires are often stretched or put under strain due to insufficient length or being squeezed into confined spaces. Heat shrinking cables can reduce the strain to keep them in tip-top shape.
3. Bundling Cables together – Due to the variety in heat shrink sizing, it’s possible to group cables and wires together in a single tube. Not only is this better from an aesthetic point of view, but it’s an extremely effective cable management technique.

The bottom line is, heat shrink is essential to the success of the automotive industry. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Nu-Tech. We’re here to help.

Automotive Heat Shrink